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Crochet Butterfly Top with Open Lace Up Back

Crochet Butterfly Top with Open Lace Up Back

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This product is a beautiful and unique Crochet Butterfly top. It has a completely open back that laces up with two long straps. The top has two tying mechanisms, one that just ties around the neck normally which is connected to the middle part of the butterfly. The other tie up mechanism is attached to the top of the upper wings which goes over your shoulder, crosses over in the back and the through the hole on the bottom of the opposite upper wing you started with. From here it crosses over again and you do the same thing as you previously did but the strap now goes through the hole at the bottom of the lower opposite wing and then tie in a bow at the back. 

This top comes in three different sizes and four gorgeous colours. It is perfect for warm weather and occasions such as festivals. It is made from cotton yarn and is therefore light, breathable and soft so it wont cause irritation to the skin. being made from cotton yarn also ensure it is durable and wont break or unravel. 

This product should ideally be handwashed with a mild detergent and luke warm water. this will ensure that the item doesn't lose it shape. 

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