Product FAQs

What fibre are your products made from? 

All of the description of each product contain the fibre (eg. cotton or acrylic) that is used for that product, as my products range in material. So be sure to check the description of the item to ensure it’s a suitable material for yourself 

How do you wash Crochet Clothing? 

Handwash is the safest way to wash your crochet clothing as machine washing could damage the item as it is delicate. When hand washing, use luke warm water and a gentle detergent. Do not tumble dry! Leave out to air dry! 

Can you go in the water in the crochet bikini tops?

I wouldn’t advise going in the water with them on, However, they can withstand water as long as you are not exercising in the water and are careful with it. You would have to wash the bikini top pretty soon after being in the water to ensure the shape of the item doesn’t change 

How do I download my Crochet Pattern? 

Upon purchasing, you should receive a confirmation email which will include a link to download your pattern.